the Diversity Network from SIXT

Diversity has always been a part of our company and our corporate culture. As different as the companies within the SIXT Group are, as diverse are the people who work for us. This diversity, which is expressed in criteria such as gender, origin, color of skin, religion, sexual orientation as well as in different abilities, education and personalities, is the engine of our success and the source of past and future innovations.

SIXT not only stands for strong brands, but also for strong values. We demand and promote a corporate culture of acceptance, appreciation and respect in which everyone can develop their strengths and weaknesses, their personality and their ideas. This is DiverSIXTy.

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Living diversity within and outside our company offers each of us the chance to learn from one another, to take on new perspectives and to see the world with different eyes. Productive cooperation is only possible if everyone is able to contribute themselves and their skills regardless of their personal background. I am committed to this, with the goal that one day we will no longer have to talk about differences and managing diversity, but that we will understand the uniqueness of difference as added value.

Friederike Reichenberger
President People & Culture


As a company with 6,400 employees in over 110 countries, we live and promote interculturalism on a daily basis. Through targeted relocation measures and intercultural events, we create a culture of openness and mutual acceptance towards other cultures and support the holistic integration into our company network. 

We take a clear stand against any form of discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity. We offer our employees a productive and open environment in which everyone can contribute and develop their personality and identity. 

We stand for an open working environment in which religion of every kind is respected.

It is our priority to give every employee space for their individual lifestyle, without gender playing a role. It is therefore very important to us to recruit well-trained and qualified women for our company, to actively promote them and to strengthen their positions. We also support our employees in reconciling family and career.


Regular get-togethers offer employees a networking and exchange platform on various diversity topics at the SIXT locations. They form the basis for measures and changes within our company. 

By participating in the CSD Munich, Frankfurt and Berlin we set a clear sign for acceptance, cosmopolitanism and inclusion with our LGBT+ network.