Application Process at SIXT


Apply in just a few steps via our career website. 

As soon as we have received your application, you will get a confirmation of receipt by email. Our recruiting team makes a pre-selection from all applicants in coordination with the respective specialist department. 

This is followed by a telephone interview, for which we will find a suitable date in coordination with you. In this interview, you will get to know a member of our recruiting team and find out details about the advertised position. You have the opportunity to present yourself and your résumé and ask initial questions about the position and SIXT as an employer. We want to get to know you better here to find out more about your career and your values and motives.

The first video interview follows. Here you will get to know a colleague from the relevant specialist department and an employee from our recruiting team. We get an idea of you, your qualifications, and your motivation. We would like to find out if your type also suits SIXT. You have the chance to get to know SIXT better and to ask your questions about the position. The important thing is: Have fun and don't pretend. Just be authentic and yourself!

Depending on the position and the area, there may be a second personal interview in which you get to know another colleague from the respective specialist department, or the tasks and requirements of the advertised position are discussed in more detail.

Depending on the area and the position to be filled, in the last step, we invite you to the meet & greet on-site or welcome you to our practice day. Here you have the opportunity to get to know your future team and gain a better insight into day-to-day business and the actual role. If everything went well - and you are also convinced - we look forward to welcoming you to Team Orange. You will receive all the information and documents to start your job (by post and email) - then you can start soon.



What makes your application a successful application? How much SIXT are you? So that your application has the best possible chance, take the following tips to heart:

Take the first step: Simply apply online in just a few steps via our career website. All of the positions advertised here are currently still open. In the respective job advertisement, you can use the "Apply now" button to go directly to the online application process. In some job positions, you will also find an additional button that you can use to contact us and apply, e.g. via WhatsApp.
We are looking forward to your application!


Our recruiters want to recognize you in your application and want to have the opportunity to find out whether you are a good fit for SIXT and the other way around.

True to the motto "The X in SIXT stands for eXcitement", you should inspire us with your application! For example, answer the following questions:

- Why are you excited about SIXT?
- Why are you the right person for this job?
- What would you like to do to make SIXT a little better every day?
- What else should we know about you?

It is important that you upload your current résumé (the current position always comes first) - as well as all references/certificates as well. In this way, our recruiters can see which experiences qualify you for the position and where you may have already taken on similar tasks. We are also interested in your additional commitment (e.g. in the social or cultural area) and relevant personal interests.

It should be a matter of course for you that you pay attention to the format and spelling mistakes!
So that we can reach you at any time, please enter your correct/current mobile phone number and email address. 


At SIXT, an entire recruiting team is working to get the best talents on board. You will always find the right contact person named directly in the job advertisement, who will also stay in contact with you during the further application process.

Please check your email inbox regularly after your application and watch out for calls from unknown numbers if we have not reached you. If you find an invitation from us, remember to give us feedback in a timely manner whether you can keep the appointment or we should schedule a new one.

If your contact details change, please tell us about it in direct conversation with your recruiter, or change your details at any time in your My SIXT profile.  


 We are interested in who you are and how you work, but also what your goals are and what expectations you have of this job and your new employer. Based on your résumé you tell us something about your career and how it all came about. We will also ask you which skills or characteristics distinguish you and what your weaknesses are. We want to know: Are you a team player or a lone fighter? And what makes a good working atmosphere for you?




 Of course, we also want to know how well you have already dealt with the company SIXT and the area in which you want to work.

In addition, we want to give you a deeper impression of the position, the future team, and SIXT as an employer. So take the opportunity to ask us anything you can think of about the job and about SIXT.

Tip: Find out more about our company and the position in advance. We would like to know: Why SIXT? Why this place? Why you?




There are many ways to start a career with us. But if you would like to know exactly: most of our employees studied economics, tourism, trade marketing, service marketing, and (business) computer science.

Marks are not everything (although good academic performance is not unimportant). The main thing is to convince us with your practical experience and personality. Therefore: don't change yourself, simply be completely authentic.

Entry via an internship or thesis is possible and useful, but not essential.

Every year we employ about ten university graduates (m/f) for the trainee programmes at the Sixt campus and about 20 university graduates (m/f) in management-trainee operations in the Sixt branches.

The management trainee programme is nine months and takes place in various Sixt stations throughout Germany.

The trainee programme for sales (duration = 15 months) and the 18-month trainee programmes (Mobility Analytics, Process Management Molbilty Operations, Finance, IT and People Management) are on our Sixt campus in Pullach near Munich..

The trainee programmes start at the Sixt campus on October 1 of each year. The trainee programme in our branches start several times throughout the year.

Towards the end of your trainee programme, we hold a detailed feedback session and plan your next career steps together. Employment is our goal - if you're good and show dedication, your chances are very high.

We know how much our employees contribute to the success of Sixt. That's why we have a modern and performance-related pay system as well as other corporate benefits. You will find out the exact wage during the selection process.

Of course! If all the conditions for the position are met (see job posting), there is no distinction from national candidates.

Lateral entrants are also welcome! We decide solely according to professional and personal qualifications.


Please use our online form. This is faster - you can also apply with your XING or LinkedIn profile. If you have gathered your relevant documents, the online application takes no more than five minutes - we promise!

Our system accepts attachments in the DOC, JPG, GIF, PDF, or PNG formats up to a size of max. 10 MB. 

All Sixt positions are updated daily: if it's gone, it's gone.

If no-one specific is named in the job posting, then please address your application as "Dear Sir/Madam".

Once we receive your application, you will get a confirmation by email and access to log in to our careers section. You can follow the current processing status of your application via your online profile at any time.

We won't keep you waiting long: if we like your profile, we will invite you to our selection procedure.

That depends on the position you are applying for. It may also include a telephone interview, interviews, an assessment centre test, or a practical day.

You can apply for direct entry and our management trainee operations programme at any time.  The application period for the trainee programmes at the Sixt campus starts in spring and ends in early summer.

A pity! But here's a suggestion: keep checking back on our job postings page - we are always updating it.