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FAQ - any burning questions

Please use our online form. This is faster - you can also apply with your LinkedIn profile, via Indeed or easy-apply. If you have gathered your relevant documents, the online application takes no more than five minutes - we promise!

Our system accepts attachments in the DOC, JPG, GIF, PDF, or PNG formats up to a size of max. 10 MB. 

All SIXT positions are updated daily: if it's not visible then the position is not available anymore.

If no-one specific is named in the job posting, then please address your application as "Dear Sir/Madam".

Once we receive your application, you will get a confirmation by email.

We won't keep you waiting long: if we like your profile, we will invite you to our selection procedure.

It may include different interviews, via phone or in person, a case study, an assessment test, or a practical day.

Usually there are no application deadlines. Only for the Management Trainee Program in Operations there are certain entry dates which you can find in the job ad.

A pity! But here's a suggestion: keep checking back on our job postings page - we are always updating it.